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Truck Wash
Truck Wash

The open road can be a dirty place and the right substances, if left for too long, can lead to rusting, tarnishing and weathering of external metal components. Take care of your rig by booking it into one of our two wash bay facilities. With hot and cold high-pressure hoses. We are capable of getting any grime or build-up out of every nook and cranny. Our Washbays are available from 6am – 9pm every day and include interior and exterior washes. Our soaps and solvents are capable of breaking down any deposits to ensure the longevity of your fleet over long-distance travels.



Prevent rust and wear with our specialised wash bays; maintain your vehicle’s longevity.


Daily 6am-9pm service, protecting your vehicle inside and out.


Use our high-pressure washes for thorough cleaning, preserving your fleet’s value and brand image.

Keep your fleet pristine and durable. Our wash bays guarantee a clean that not only shines but protects.

In the transport business, a clean vehicle is not just about aesthetics; it’s vital for protection against the long-term damage of the elements. Regular, thorough washes at our bays mean you’re investing in your fleet’s longevity and reliability, ensuring you stay ahead in the game of wear and tear.