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When dealing with heavy-duty engines, proper lubrication is critical and should offer more than just a protective layer. With the right engine oil, you can improve fuel economy, and engine durability and even minimise operating costs. Our close relationship with Caltex means we have access to some of the best Delo (Diesel Engine Lubricating Oil) products formulated with ISOSYN Technology. ISOSYN Technology is how Caltex formulates its top-tier Delo products. It combines highly refined base oils with advanced additives to create products that rival synthetic lubricants in critical performance tests.



Enhance fuel economy and cut costs with Delo’s advanced ISOSYN Technology.


Maximise engine durability with Delo oils, reducing the need for frequent repairs.


Operate efficiently; Astron Energy’s refined oils protect beyond the surface for lasting engine health.

Drive your fleet further with Delo’s ISOSYN tech; superior protection means superior performance.

In the transport industry, engine health equals business health. Using Delo’s lubricants with ISOSYN Technology ensures engines run cleaner and last longer, directly impacting your bottom line by reducing maintenance and fuel costs, an essential advantage in the competitive logistics sector.