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Reef Truck Stop offers a safe and secure environment to meet your fleet needs. Our clients are assured that our facilities are actively managed to provide the services our clients need.

We understand the importance of allowing drivers to rest and we are committed to providing services and facilities to meet the needs of the drivers as well as the operators.

All of the facilities are available in a convenient and easily accessible location.

Secure Overnight Parking

Secure Overnight Parking

Reef Truck Stop offers secure overnight parking so your fleet can safely recover from a long day’s worth of highway driving. Your fleet should never risk stopping on the side of the road as this can be dangerous for the driver and cargo.

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CCTV Footage 24h Security

If anything was to happen on site, Reef Truck Stop has the entire facility strategically surrounded by 24-hour security and CCTV coverage offering real-time recordings that can be referred to if needed. A local security company is also on standby in case of any emergencies.

Dangerous Goods Parking

Dangerous Goods Parking

Dealing with dangerous cargo can be a risky business, if anything had to go wrong, such as a leak or catching the light, it puts not only that vehicle at risk but all the surrounding vehicles and the entire truck stop facility at risk. That is why we have dedicated and strictly regulated dangerous goods packing. With sufficient space between trucks and all the necessary safety measures in place

Office Facilities Free WiFi

Office Facilities & Free WiFi

Office space is available for customers to rent at Reef Truck Stop, so your fleet can get all their necessary administrative work done. Our computers and office essentials will surely meet the needs of any individual looking at getting some productive work done. Don’t be limited by data constraints, we offer free WiFi as well.

Ablution Shower Area

Ablution & Shower Area

Hygiene is important. Our fully serviced toilets and shower facilities are available on-site at all times, for drivers to use after their long road trips.

Food Beverage Outlet

Food & Beverage Outlet

Reef Tuck Stop’s food and beverage store offers all the possible sustenance your drivers needs. If they want to sit down and have a meal while they wait for their truck to fill up, or grab a quick snack or drink for the road to stay on schedule.

Braai TV Recreational Area

Braai, TV & Recreational Area

Reef Truck Stop offers a complimentary braai area for drivers to prepare a meal and relax. The TV and recreational areas offer a great break away from work and rest if your fleet needs to pass the time whilst waiting for the next load.

Drive Wellness Clinic
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Driver Wellness Clinic

The lifestyle of a truck driver can often be very hard, which is why their health is a major concern. With gruelling hours, long distances and prolonged loneliness, your drivers are at risk of many health-related issues, like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, obesity, lung cancer, irregular sleeping routines and lack of physical activity.

We offer a safe facility for your driver to receive all the medical checks they require to keep them in the best health possible, improving their health and over performance of the owner’s fleet.

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