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Over 25 Years Experience


Reef Truck Stop was founded with the intention to provide a state-of-the-art truck stop facility for fleet operators to provide a safe and secure rest stop along the N3 Durban route.


Reef Truck Stop has efficient access to major routes and 20km from the Johannesburg CBD. Major truck OEM facilities are in close proximity to the facility to cater for your service or repair needs.


To improve your operations and customise our services to meet the needs of any operation.


Our long-standing relationships with suppliers ensure that there is a constant reliable supply of good quality products to meet the quantitative demands of all our clients.

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Reef Truck Stop

Why Choose Us

High Quality Fuel

We offer you the best quality fuel so you don’t have to worry about the future health of your vehicle’s engine.

Easy Access

Our strategic location ensures that your driver avoids unnecessary delays and remains on schedule.


With fuel prices always changing, we keep our prices competitive, because your bottom line is important to us.

Safe & Secure

You can sleep easy at night, knowing that your valuable cargo is always monitored and safe at our facilities.


Long hours on the road will take it out of your driver. We have everything they need to rest-up and recover.

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Why Choose Us

Our vision is to be Southern Africa’s premier truck stop, providing unparalleled service and the cleanest fuel, fostering peace of mind and efficiency for fleet operators and drivers on the N3 Durban route, 24/7.

Reef Truck Stop is committed to delivering superior on-road fuel solutions and comprehensive fleet services, ensuring optimal performance and safety for our clients’ vehicles and cargo through our state-of-the-art facilities and partnerships.

At Reef Truck Stop, we value quality, security, and efficiency. We are dedicated to supplying top-tier Astron Energy fuels and amenities, ensuring our clients’ fleets run smoothly while upholding the utmost safety and care for our drivers’ well-being.

Astron Logo

Astron Energy has partnered with us on the journey to offer the best quality service to meet your operation’s needs.

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The Astron Energy FleetCard is fully adaptable to your fleet management needs. It offers convenience and control over the day-to-day expenditures of your fleet. Its variety of management and usage options is the proven smarter choice for any business owner. You have full control over who gets to use it and what can be purchased or have pre-set spending limits.

Every transaction made by your fleet is verified and recorded to prevent fraud or abuse, offering the owner complete security. Measure fleet efficiency through online billing statements. Receive itemised online billing statements of your fleet’s transactions by vehicle and/or employee.

We ensure your fleet is using only the best quality of fuels, to retain the health of your vehicle’s engine. Some fuels can form deposits in vital parts of your engine. Astron Energy Quartech Fuel formulation contains polyetheramines, which have been scientifically proven to keep vital engine parts clean and help prevent grime accumulation. Astron Energy Diesel with Quartech D is designed for all diesel-powered vehicles to offer premium performance. By keeping your vehicle’s fuel injectors clean, it protects against corrosion and reduces foaming while filling up. When dealing with fleets, a clean engine offers optimal power, fuel economy and enhanced reliability, all important factors to take your fleet further.